Plant Hire

Rely on JRT Group as your civil contractor in Central Queensland

Both large and small construction and civil works companies know that they can count on JRT Group for professional services, hands-on experience, industry knowledge and quality plant hire. Our plant hire opportunities are perfect for when you need a few extra pieces of heavy machinery to keep your project on track.

With wet & dry hire available, we keep our plant hire well maintained and ready to go. We can arrange for it to be at your project site quickly, no matter where you are. You’ll get competitive rates, decades of experience and a can-do attitude each time you call on JRT Group.

dozer hire

JRT Group provides dozer hire at competitive rates.

Whether you need a fleet of Caterpillar dozers for your earthmoving project or a construction contractor with competitive dozer hire rates, JRT Group has the dozer hire you need to finish your projects quickly. We offer wet dozer hire opportunities for large, industrial or smaller projects.

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Dump Truck Hire

JRT Group provides articulated dump trucks for hire .

If you’re taking on a project that requires heavy equipment like a Volvo or Moxy articulated dump truck talk to the experts at JRT Group. We have a wet hire and dry hire dump truck hire options available for civil works and earthmoving projects at competitive rates in Central Queensland.

Excavator hire

JRT Group provides excavator hire for bulk earthworks and earthmoving projects.

Whether you need a CAT track mounted excavator hire or Kobelco track mounted excavator hire, JRT Group has the excavator hire Rockhampton clients can count on. Our available excavators for hire include mini diggers that are perfect for both small and large bulk earthworks and earthmoving projects.

Generator Hire & Lighting Tower Hire

JRT Group offer generator hire and lighting tower hire.

Here at JR Group, we understand that construction doesn't stop just because the sun goes down, especially when you're trying to meet a tight deadline. However, keeping everyone safe throughout the construction process is vital. Light tower hire and generator hire from JRT Group can illuminate your project site and improve visibility.


Grader hire

JRT Group provides grader hire for civil construction projects.

If you need a skilled and experienced grader operator or grader hire, JRT Group offers wet and dry grader hire rates that are feasible and extremely competitive to help keep the grading process moving. Our John Deere Grader for hire is perfect for large or small civil works projects.

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Loader hire

JRT Group provide loader hire for civil construction projects.

Do you have a bulk earthworks project coming up that is going to require the use of a quality Hyundai wheel loader? Maybe it's not practical for you to buy one, so you're searching for a civil construction company that specialises in plant hire. JRT Group has the wheel loader hire you're searching for.

Roller Hire

JRT Group offers roller hire including smooth drum roller hire, padfoot roller hire and multi tyred roller hire.

A multi-tyred roller is a necessary piece of heavy equipment that many civil construction companies and clients use in their earthmoving and roadwork projects. It doesn't matter if your project is somewhere in a remote area or right in the city, a road roller can help you complete your project and save you valuable time and money.

Scraper hire

JRT Group provide scraper hire for earthmoving and road construction projects.

For companies that take on projects in rural areas, or smaller companies operating across the Central Queensland region, it's not realistic to try and purchase all the earthmoving equipment you need to complete each job. This includes equipment hire such as open bowl scraper hire. At JRT Group, we understand this, and our goal is to provide scraper hire services to help keep our clients' overheads as low as possible.

service Truck Hire

JRT Group provides service truck hire with hydraulic repair capability and support vehicles for earthmoving projects.

Mining projects can be unpredictable, and we want to make sure that you have all of the support vehicles you need to complete your project without surpassing your projected deadline. We have a fleet of mining service trucks and hydraulic repair trucks available for hire and ready to send to your mining site as soon as you contact us at JRT Group.

Skid Steer & Bobcat Hire

JRT Group offers bobcat hire and skid steer attachments for your next project.

For smaller civil works companies or companies who take on the majority of their projects out in more rural areas, it doesn't make sense financially to buy all of the heavy machinery you need for each project like a Caterpillar skid steer or all of the various skid steer attachments. You can save money by using JRT Group's skid steer hire service. We offer Caterpillar posi track bobcat hire, tracked skid steer loader hire, Caterpillar wheeled bobcat hire, wheeled skid steer loader hire and much more.

Tipper hire

JRT Group offers tipper hire for heavy haulage and earthmoving projects.

Are you considering taking on an earthmoving project out in a remote area and need tipper hire for your heavy haulage project? JRT Group has competitive tipper truck hire rates and a fleet of well-maintained tipper trucks available for your project across Central Queensland.

Water Truck Hire

JRT Group provides water trucks for hire and water delivery for roadworks and civil construction project throughout Central Queensland.

JRT Group has a fleet of high-quality water trucks for hire, with water delivery service available for dust suppression on civil works projects. Our Sterling truck mounted water carts for wet hire and dry hire is an excellent piece of heavy machinery for water cartage to rural project sites where having access to a steady supply of water can be a challenge.