About Us

Family Owned & Operated throughout CQ

For over 20 years, JRT Group has shown a passion and a dedication for our work that has helped us to gain large numbers of satisfied clients. We offer everything from bulk earthworks to plant hire to our clients for a broad range of projects across the region. Our commitment to quality work and to each client we work with has made us one of the premier civil contracting companies in Central Queensland.

Rely on JRT Group as your civil contractor in Central Queensland.

Each of our 250 employees dedicates themselves to providing quality outcomes and superior results for all projects, covering everything from plant hire to civil contracting. We take immense pride in seamlessly integrating our staff and equipment into our client’s projects, to help keep them moving along smoothly.

Our company deploys a fleet of well-maintained heavy machinery to help move and haul away quarry materials or demolition debris. We’re capable of taking on and completing all aspects of development and construction work including environmental waste services, plumbing and drainage, roadworks, clearing, fabrication, quarry material handling, and civil construction.

Our goal is to give each client we work with a tailored solution that helps them finish their projects efficiently and quickly. Whether this solution means that you need excavator hire, other plant hire, or quarrying services, JRT Group is ready to customise a plan to suit your project’s needs and your company’s budget.